The p_public team, in September 2012, participated with other groups that operate inside and outside the city, with creative suggestions characterized by innovation and an alternative approach and implementation of ideas, in pecha kucha night heraklion vol. 3.

Pecha Kucha, is an institution that began in Tokyo and currently takes place in over 500 cities worldwide. It’s based on the idea of presenting 20 images and having only 20 seconds for each image.

The theme of the evening was “teamwork”, being able to do things for your city, for those around you and especially for yourself, without operating as a unit, but being part of a greater whole. Presentations were made by groups of people that through 20 pictures had something different to say, with their own means of communication, in their own way and shared what keeps them united and productive.

Watch the presentation of p_public from the pechakuchaHER channel HERE.