Lectures 2013

Cultural Centre of Chania, June 7-8 2013

Public Space in Progress

Do It Yourself | Who’s the designer

Photographic exhibition & Interactive event “Do It Yourself | Who’s the designer”

By papairlines team at the Square beside Nikiforou Episkopou Street (behind Municipal Conservatory)

Through the project D.I.Y. | Who’s the designer, Papairlines are researching the input of the D.I.Y culture in the development and evolution of the public space. A photographic exhibition and a workshop open to the public are looking into the relationship between D.I.Y and design and the reasons that lead to it.

Play & Stroll in the city | Bet on

Game scene  “Play & Stroll in the city | Bet on!”

By Elli Gkologkina at Episkopou Kallistou Street

The project refers to a competitive game, in which the players construct a new pathway of wooden pallets in different configurations, depending on the degree of difficulty. After the end of the competition, the players are involved into a personal game of chance by choosing a path, in order to continue their wander. Simultaneously, passers-by may participate to a game of senses by interacting with the “curtain” of balloons, which is placed at the start point.

The last discharge note

Photographic exhibition “The last discharge note”

By tryAngle team at the Temple of St. Rokkos

Public space in abandonment. Public space in reboot. The old Hospital of Chania is for further time abandoned. This space is familiar with the local citizens but in the same time its own abandonment dissociates it. In a way, it’s operation never stopped. Drug addicts and homeless people live there, in it’s ruins. So, hospitals public nature never stopped to coexist with it;s abandonment. Throughout this exhibition, we tend to offer a “voice” and picture of this abandonment, in a sentimental way. Modern, short and at the same time past urban myths. Thoughts of illness people, souls and (non)existent faces that turn into small stories beside the pictures of the exhibition.

Le Corbusier's voyage reORIENTed, 1911-2011

Installation “Le Corbusier's voyage reORIENTed, 1911-2011”

Official opening of “p_public 2013” festival

By Maganiotis Alexandros, Elke Krasny & David Bergé at Sabbionara Gate.

In 1911 Le Corbusier undertook his formative Voyage d’Orient, which has been considered a reversed Grand Tour. In 2011 curator Elke Krasny and visual artist David Bergé chose five cities along this route to address issues of contemporary urban transformation processes. They engaged in conversations with activists, artists, architects and intellectuals in Athens, Belgrade, Istanbul, Rome and Vienna. The dialogues became the entry points to the urban research resulting in a complexly layered photo and text- installation.

Public Space in MMMotion

Photographic exhibition “Public space in motion”

Bus station starting point (Venizelou Street, opposite Agora public market) “Chania - Chalepa”  

The p_public team invited amateurs and professional photographers, and now we present selected, from inside urban transportation photos, referring, to the topic “Public space in Motion”. With this photographic exhibition, the public space is illustrated as well as the motion within it, aforetime literally and aforetime with an allegorical way, always from the user’s eyes, in this case the photographer himself. The exhibition forms a symbolical character, as by placing the photos inside city buses the importance of using Public Transportation is underlined.


Theatrical performance “Aggela”  by George Sevastikoglou

By the theater group “Praxeos Mimisi” of “Polydrasi” initiative at the North steps of Municipal Market (Tsouderon street)

This is the first show of the theater group «Praxeos Mimisi” of "Polydrasi" initiative. A suicide, the disclosure of a rotten system, the solution of the mystery, people, their position toward facts and their redefining. Contradictory characters with past, weaknesses, passions and aspirations, compromised and resentful, resilient and adamant, outline the picture of the reality of the early `50’s with current and timeless elements and critical human problems and dilemmas.

Ephemeral encounters

Installation “Ephemeral Encounters”

By Stefanos Papaioannou at the Underground Fountain of St. Nicholas (Splanzia)

Installation consisting of two parallel digital slide shows: one showing a small number of photographs repeatedly in the same order, the other projecting randomly a bigger number of pictures, thus creating instant diptychs that negotiate the public space. The installation includes everyday sounds and objects.

Physical Tweets

Installation “Physical Tweets”

By Aaron Cohen and Aggelos Floros at 1821 Square (Splanzia)

Installation "Physical Tweets" composes real-time data flows of information such as those produced collectively by the users of "p-public 2013" on Twitter. The installation consists of video projection and interactive lighting and is placed at Splanzia Square.

Shattering Public Space

Interactive video installation “Shattering Public Space”

By Spiros Abanavos and Giorgos Papoulias under Mocenigo Rampart (Gate of Sand)

Floating in the void. A wandering on public spaces. Space Debris – Space Penetration into Localities – Stapling and Dissection. Different localities are hosted by space. Spatial portraits juxtaposed in a cubist sense. Movement and rest. Which elements define the space identity? Sound, Text, Image in chords.

Urban Sounds

Urban Sounds

Live concert with Fantastikoi Hxoi, KU, My Drunken Haze at Mocenigo Rampart (Gate of Sand)

Fantastikoi Hxoi, inspired by global and local obscure psych-folk melodies, creates a peculiar retro-futuristic sound, through the complete reconstruction and drastic re-edit of samples from popular or forgotten tracks. KU and his live band experiment with the sounds of space folk, krautrock and dark electro pop, focusing on improvisation and on multiple areas of musical expression, while My Drunken Haze flirt with dreamy pop, psychedelia and garage sounds and, as a genuine music collective coming out of the 60's, they travel us to the sounds of the decade that best inspires them.


Interactive installation “Treelogy”

By Katerina Anagnostaki, Gaka Christo, Doumani Christina, Koutlaki Stella and Ourano Zacharia at Daidalou & Gerasimou Streets Square.

“Treelogy” is an installation connecting the three elements of the square: the tree, its shadow and the qualities developing around them. On the conceivable axis between the tree and the rest of the square, the team creates an experimental canvas which interposes in the spectators’ view and which aims to create multiple views of the square that point out the progress of this public place.

Short conjectural prayers

Sound installation “Short conjectural prayers”

By Giorgos Tzelesis at Renier Chapel (Moschon street)

An installation, with two to three sound sculptures, with the expectation of the tuning of the viewers that are approaching the pieces. The sculptures will be composed from familiar materials, aiming this way at their easy handling from the audience.

Star Observation

Star observation

By “Crete Astronomy Friends Club” in front of Firkas Fortress

Τhe starry sky is a source of inspiration, admiration and understanding of space around us.

But how many of us have seen the universe through a telescope? We can give you this opportunity, with the telescopes of our Club's members (Crete Astronomy Friends Club - In a dark place, just outside the Firka's Castle,in the old harbour of Chania, we will set our telescopes and binoculars and we will expect you to see planets, moons, stars and whatever light object might interest you.

Music Night

Music Night with Anamateur

at Municipal Gallery’s Garden


Installation “Open”

By Marika Konstantinidou at the Seawall (Route to the Lighthouse)

The "Open" installation consists in a luminous sign placed on the way to the lighthouse of the Old Harbour of Chania. The word  makes an allusion to its placement - a harbor on the Mediterranean, an historical spot when it comes to the birth of writing. But the word is written in English and refers to a LED sign placed on the entrance of commercial - private areas. Is public space really open to all? To whom it belongs? Under which circumstances can we imagine its appropriation - if not commercial?

Sleeping project: Fan#2, Before-after”

Stencil graffiti Sleeping project: Fan#2, Before-after”

By Vincent Parisot and Eirini Linardaki at the Municipal Stadium of Chania

For Chania, we wish to paint two stencils. They are two very different mural projects. One (Fan#2) is a form of ready-made, a floor ventilator, sort of vintage industrial object, coupled to a ceiling fan installed on an abandoned seaside building in Heraklion. The second mural is a double headed sculpture (Before–After), inspired by the Polytechnic school head sculpture in Athens. In fact there are two heads, one of a young man and the other of the same man but middle aged facing him.

…In and out of the fortress

Installation “…In and out of the fortress”

By Vafeiadis Michalis, Mpala Iro, Ziro Iason, Ioannidi Danai, Stenou Myrto & Georgatzi Marilena at Mocenigo Rampart (Gate of Sand)

The ribbons dancing with the sea breeze become the hand that calls with notion the visitor towards the edge of the city. The music of the hanged bells is the whistle for you to realize that something is going on there. A colorful fair has been set up at the rampart.


More photos coming soon…