Lectures 2015

C.M.A., June 6-7 2015

Public Space_Smart Space

Emerging Identities

”Emerging Identities” of the image of the city – Projecting the multiplicity that consists the old city of Chania
From the TieLab, Architecture Laboratory of T.U.C. School of Architecture at the route from Gerasimou to Daidalou street and Sabbionara Gate

A route in the Old Town of Chania, in which the contemporary technology suggests a new way to perceive space, through a cyber-physical and a bodiless virtual reality experience




From the Dance and Visual Arts Center KINETICS, Katerina Dinopoulou at Yali Djamisi Mosque and St Nicholas Convento in Splatzia

A performance in which two dancers and audience’s digital image, in real time and two different locations, create a duet


From the theophanea! group (Ioannis Papanikos, Nikos Sfikas, Nikolas) at the public toilets of the Municipal Market Square

A visual musical event, in which music functions as a curative means to people and the space of the public toilet

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More photos coming soon…