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cocktail partYcipation II

cocktail partYcipation II

Official opening of p_public 2014 festival, at Katehaki square

From D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)  to D.I.W.O. (Do It With Others)

Inspiration, communication and collaboration formed the ingredients of the festival’s cocktails. As part of the inauguration of p_public festival, we invites everybody to make, mix, shake and taste the most creative cocktails!

Mind the gap between imagination and reality

Interactive art installation “Mind the gap between imagination and reality”

By “Fotoskiasi” photographic society at St. Nicholas Convento

“Fotoskiasi” Photographic Society presents: Agie, Eleni, Tonia, Nina, Vito, Antonis.

Art Intervention which includes a photographic exhibition as well as, the caption of the interaction of the participants with the picture of their choice, in order to create new pictures that will be at once imbedded in an in-situ projecting slide show.  This intervention will enable people, participants and spectators, to reflect on their role in relation to the natural and the man made environment.


Breaking the boundary

Game ”Breaking the boundary”

By Maria Angelidou, Dafne Dimopoulou and Diana Tsompanoglou, at the Municipal Garden

A game for the symbolic representation of the current situation of children's limited action therein. A pole, a surface-grid, some ribbons and more hidden objects will be the scene of action. Children will try to discover what lies behind the surface while moving limited in front of  it. They can dig,  tear,  pierce so as to reach beyond the surface and see what's there.

Startup Design

Exhibition “Startup Design”            

By Angelos Floros in collaboration with students of Architecture from the University of Thessaly, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Dimocritus University of Thrace, at Sabbionara Gate

The exhibition presents works of an intensive inter- university workshop on interactive design. Under the supervision and the mentoring of the Angelos Floros and George Kalaouzis, they participated students of Architecture from the University of Thessaly, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Dimocritus University of Thrace. Goal of the workshop was the familiarization of the students with contemporary methodological approaches, using innovative interactive technologies. This procedure allows to the young designers to invent and experiment with new seeds on design.

Been there_done that

Action “Been there, done that”

By Katerina Anagnostaki, Stella Koutlaki, Zacharias Ouranos and Grigoris Stavridakis, at 1821 square (Splantzia)

Today the social networks are overwhelmed by “selfie” and “braggie” photographs. Poses and locations are pinned on digital walls, in an effort people to publicize what they prefer, which is their occupation, how they entertain themselves, how they spend their vacations. Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. serve all those purposes, when tagging yourself under the title “been there and done that”. However, this tagging, as well as the feedback one gets, are closely related to the place they have been; it’s characteristics, it’s quality and it’s symbolism. How is space recreated through cyberspace? “Visiting” a public space via facebook is a procedure which guarantees the “real” image of a place?


Game “Infectopia”

By Artemis Papageorgiou, in collaboration with Elina Roinioti, Stratos Bichakis and Christos Koutsouradis, at Athinagora square (Metropolis)

A new virus has arrived in Chania and it is highly contagious and dangerous! Infectopia is a variation of the game Αμπάριζα (Prisoner's base), where Viruses and Guards employ different strategies to win. A team will need either to shrink the other team by infecting its members, or to find and send a secret password to the light projectors in order to gain control. The light projectors are the source of strength of the city and if they turn off, the city will fall into the darkness of the virus, while if they shine the city will once again be under the protection of the Guards.

Designing experiences in public space

Lecture “Designing experiences in public space”

By Artemis Papageorgiou, at Athinagora square (Metropolis)

The talk will focus on the challenge shared by artists, designers and communities when designing a public experience. It will present community projects, play festivals and interactive art projects taking place on the city streets, in order to reflect on the repercussions of designing public experiences.


More photos coming soon…