On 2016 the focus was on the relationship between, child and public urban environment, through discussions and events that took place in the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture and in several public spaces across the city, respectively.

Public space is an area of substantial activity and expression of individuals and social groups, of all ages. Children, naturally, tend to transform public space; to intervene in it and rearrange it. Current ways of using public space tend to restrict a free and unimpeded use. The main goal of the festival, was to improve the relationship of children’s interaction with public space, mainly through the approach of differential ways of understanding and using it.

Proposed thematic areas for papers (but not limited):

a) The contribution of public space in education
b) Contemporary learning practices for the use of public space
Game in public space as a key element in the individual’s life
a)for children:
– Playground
– Schoolyard
b)by reference to the children:
– Improving existing public spaces
– Creating new public spaces
4. Public conservancy and social groups
Strategies and actions based on the child and its role in modern society


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