On 2015, we focused the use of technology in the public urban environment, through discussions and events that took place in the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture and in public spaces across the city, respectively.

The use of technology in everyday life has undoubtedly resulted in the development of new experiences, insights and understandings in urban public spaces, seeing from both a personal and collective standpoint. According to recent international findings, technology, in the urban environment, has facilitated the creation of a human-oriented collaborative network that aims to improve and optimize modern urban life (smart city). In this way, city and public space becomes an open ‘database’ through which citizens, acting either as consumers or producers inside a smart infrastructure, can collect, leverage, create and distribute information.

Submissions for papers came from the following areas:

•  Smart city. Application and implementation benefits in public space.
•  Public space data that are re-assessed or/and modified, through the use of technology.
•  The utilization and interaction of technology, with the aim of disseminating information in the urban environment.
•  The connection between technology and citizen behavior in public space.
•  The promotion and reinforcement of the city’s historic and cultural landmarks, through technology.
•  Activating public space users to produce their own work/ideas through technology, so that they do not merely serve as passive receivers/consumers of information.

Due to the nature of the year’s theme, the events held, had the intention to encourage active user participation and did not adhere to a specific age category.

The discussions and the events took place in the city of Chania on 6 & 7 June 2015.


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