On 2014, focusing on the activation of urban space, the subject of the festival regarded the detection of the spatial and anthropogenic implications on public space, through discussions and events that took place both indoors and outdoors, in open public space, in an attempt to encourage the active participation of the user.

During this meeting, our aim was to deal with the spatial behavior and the influence of team actions in public spaces, both in the public space itself but also individually in the users. More and more, groups and communities are getting active in the public arena, seeking for a versatile use and the creation of potential personal “places” within it. These collective and collaborative actions cultivate a dynamic of different usage and simultaneously redefine the relationship that citizens develop with each other and with the public space itself. Groups and communities act and interact, causing a continuous change to both the digital and the physical public space and their fused created spaces.

• In which ways those actions contribute in the re- construction of the public space, during the time of the action and in the long term?
• In what degree the collective actions are able to affect the behavior and the perception of the user as a co-creator in a collaborative process and as an individual as well?

P_public invited lectures, installations – reports relevant to the definition and the design methods of active public spaces in order to exchange ideas and to structure the public space of “us”.

Within the festival’s framework and following the successfull participatory event “cocktail partYcipation”, closing event of the soiree “Celebrating Public Space” on October 2011, the p_public team organized the event “cocktail partYcipation II – From D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) to D.I.W.O. (Do It With Others)”.

The public discussions and the events took place in the city of Chania during the period of 6 – 8 June 2014.