Since 2010, the p_public team, organizes the annual p_public festival.

In the scope of its annual festival, p_public offers an extensive range of activities that fall into two main categories: events and lectures. Each year, a specific theme provides the framework for artists, designers, architects and other creatives to reflect upon and engage through their work in activating Public Space.


The main line of p_public festival, comprises of two days of public discussions and presentations, from emerging scientists, artists and creative teams from Greece and abroad.


Artistic events and interventions of all kinds, take place in selected points of Chania, aiming to re-establish the relation of public spaces of the town with both residents and visitors. Accent is given in using open unshaped, non-functional, abandoned spaces and in the alternative uses of existing public spaces.

All events are linked via “artistic promenades” during which the artists have the possibility of presenting their work, while through these promenades the citizens and visitors are be able to attend a series of events. In this way, they experience familiar and non-familiar places within a different context of use. Via this interactive movement, an alternative view of the public spaces of the city will emerge.


Τhe festival’s themes per year:

/2016_ Play_Public

/2015_ Public Space_Smart Space

/2014_ Public Space and the behaviour of us

/2013_ Public Space in Progress

/2012_ Public Space_Topos & Means of Expression

/2011_ What makes a truly Public Space

/2010_ The role, form and planning of Public Space


*Please read carefully all terms and conditions, as well as information, regarding your stay and transportation prior to submission.