The p_public team was formed in 2010 by young architects. It is a non-profit group, which spirit is purely voluntary and in this context all team members and participants work. The team is open and can be joined by anyone who wishes to work voluntarily.

Under the auspices of the Architects’ Association, the team organizes once a year the p_public festival, which offers an extensive range of activities that fall into two main categories: events and lectures. The main line of the festival, comprises of a two-day conference, where emerging scientists, artists and creative teams from Greece and abroad, present and discuss their work. Furthermore, artistic events and interventions of all kinds, take place in selected points of Chania.

The main objective of the group is to activate unused and / or abandoned public spaces and change the permanent and / or given use, as well as the perception of their users. Examples and methods of achieving the above objectives are presented and discussed in the lectures and become reality through the events held throughout the city of Chania.

During the year, the team may conduct events, besides the established festival. Every team activity is free and open to the public.
The team aims at cooperating with other groups, collectives and institutions, creating permanent and / or temporary interventions in public spaces of the city.

The p_public team joined various events and projects. See a few below:


/pecha kucha night heraklion vol.3

/soiree celebrating public space

/art transforming urban spaces project