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The p_public team, under the auspices of the Architects’ Association of Chania, organizes for the 8th consecutive year, the “p_public 2O17” festival, which will be held in the city of Chania the weekend of 10th and 11th of June, 2Ο17.

This year, the predominant theme will focus on accessibility in public space, through discussions that will take place at the Centre for Mediterranean Architecture and events that will be occurred in open public spaces in the city of Chania, directly linked to the thematic axis of the festival.

The notion of accessibility in urban, and not only, planning is the foundation for a sustainable city. In other words the necessity of the uninterrupted and safe movement of each user (pedestrian, disabled, parents with pram, cyclists, etc.) is one of the basic principles for a universal design, especially when managing the public space. Over the last years has become more and more essential to create a variety of circulation networks, of movement and accessibility, into the city fabric.

Within this context, we invite you to reflect, express your opinions and actively participate in the public discussions and actions to be carried out in the city of Chania the weekend of 10th & 11th of June 2O17.


Featured topics:

  • Accessibility in urban planning
    General principles, objectives and benefits
  • Designing for all
    Greek and global reality
  • Information and awareness on accessibility issues
    Means and methods


Important dates:

Open Call announcement: February 10, 2Ο17
Submissions: until March 17, 2Ο17
Response to submissions: April 07, 2Ο17


Information and enrollment:

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*Please read carefully all terms and conditions, as well as information, regarding your stay and transportation prior to submission.